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The Prompt: #56: Thoughts on your favorite pet’s personality

Play with me, dammit. This is Dixie. Dixie is insane.

Dixie is a Yorkie-poo.  Part Yorkie, part poodle. All nuts.

Things Dixie likes include:

* Going outside, frequently.  She’s often not sure WHY we have gone outside, but she definitely likes it out there.  So much so that the minute we come back inside, she starts begging to go back out. Over and over again.

* Playing with toys.  As I sit here typing she is arranging a variety of toys around my feet hoping I will pick one up and play with her.  If I do not, she will begin to throw them at me.  Then she will begin to throw them around and chase them.  I think she might be part cat.

* Cuddling.  She likes to sit on laps.  She likes to watch TV with her head on a lap.  Until she wants to run around.  She likes running around, too.

* Visitors.  She is SURE that every person who comes within 50 yards of our house is here to play with her.  This includes the plumber, the pizza delivery guy, and probably anyone who decides to rob us.  Luckily her level of excitement is sort of terrifying and seems to scare most people into running away.

* Other dogs.  They are also here to play, right? (Here = somewhere in the neighborhood.)

* Treats. She is a sucker for a treat.  She will do pretty much anything if you have a treat in your hand.  And nothing useful if you don’t.

Things Dixie does not like include:

* Loud noises.  Lawn mowers, thunder, screaming children.  All of these make her desperately attempt to claw her way into a lap ASAP.  Tiny dogs are not good climbers so she basically just leaps around and scratches at ankles. Ouch.

What?* Squeakers and stuffing.  These must immediately be removed from all toys.  It is her mission in life to ensure that all toys are squeaker and stuffing free.  She is very good at this.  She also believes dog beds are essentially large stuffed toys.  She has eaten 6 of them.

* Being ignored. She is an attention hog.  See that look on her face in the top picture? She stands there and stares at you like that if you ignore her.  She can do that for a very very long time.

* Clothes. Costumes. Hats.  She’s way too dignified for that sort of thing.

* Nighttime.  She has decided that she needs to wake up no later than 5:15 AM.  And we need to KNOW that she’s up.  I am worried about daylight savings time.

Things Dixie believes to be true:

* Everything outside of the kitchen is “outside.”  Peeing in the kitchen = bad.  Peeing anywhere outside of the kitchen = totally cool.  (She is wrong.)

Shark Attack!* When people sit down at the table, that is the perfect time to ask to go outside.  Clearly.

* Laps need to be full at all times.  If a dog isn’t sitting in your lap, obviously you wish one was.

* We are her pack and we love her.  That one is true.  She’s nuts, but she’s our nut.

Bonus: Dixie’s nicknames:

* Wagatha

* Woofington Waggintail

* Dixie Doodle (she’s a noodle…yeah, I don’t know why)

* Doodle-icious

Tell me about YOUR favorite pet…for realz.


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  1. I think she’d get along great with Buddy and Sydney. As for nick-names…Sydney’s are…Miss Pissypants, Sydney Lou, Missy, Miss Piggy. Apparently she’s quite the Miss. ;)
    Buddy’s are…Budmonster (which he’s so not), Budzilla, Long legged freaky boy. New ones pop up as we go.
    Couldn’t live without them!
    Fun post.

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