Halloween was weird this year. For years my parents would come and see the kids in their costumes and take them trick or treating with me. Help man the candy hand-out. Help assess the inventory after the acquisition phase was complete. Help eat a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups if we had too many (as […]

Every Other Weekend

We are now close to 4 years into this “every other weekend” situation. And while parts of it have become exponentially better (I no longer wonder what to do with myself on long kidless days), there is a very real impact of only having access to my children for half of their “free” days. There […]

The Magic of Christmas

Every year, much like many stereotypical suburban Moms (a tribe I am proud to call my own), I attempt to conjure Christmas magic. The gingerbread houses that we merrily build together. The twinkling lights adorning the outside of the house. The heartwarming tree trim where we listen to favorite Christmas tunes and recount the nostalgic […]