Jeg tror jeg vil være norsk

Translated: I think I’d like to be Norwegian. In Norwegian. My daughter came home this weekend for the first time since leaving for college. This was cause for celebration, of course. To magnify the celebratory nature of the visit it was her 18th birthday AND we had tickets to see Hamilton (!) in New York […]

In which I rant at an entire state

Who doesn’t love a good rant? I mean, you might not.  In which case you might want to get out of here.  You were warned. *** Dear South Carolina, Just how committed are y’all to doing the absolute wrong thing? A month later…the preliminary vote before the other vote that needs to precede the next […]

No, I’m Not Stupid. And Yes, I Really Do Believe That.

Ah, election season.  The time when the gloves come off and people who I adore and who appear to adore me for 3 years and 9 months at a time all of a sudden lose all filters and start to question both my sanity and my intelligence.  Good times. I am liberal. So very liberal. […]