If You Believe

This time of year, when people know you have kids who aren’t of the littlest variety, the one question on the tip of every tongue is: “Does he/she still believe?” I’m not sure what the over/under is on the age at which “most” kids make the connection between all of those Amazon boxes arriving and […]

The One Thing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Have you heard? Santa is coming. Good old Santa, who can make anything happen.  Anything. Scads of parents across the globe are currently in the throes of panic as they attempt to find a way to make dreams of magic come true.  Ways to make sure that […]

The Magic of Christmas

Every year, much like many stereotypical suburban Moms (a tribe I am proud to call my own), I attempt to conjure Christmas magic. The gingerbread houses that we merrily build together. The twinkling lights adorning the outside of the house. The heartwarming tree trim where we listen to favorite Christmas tunes and recount the nostalgic […]