In two and a half short weeks my daughter will turn 15. Fifteen. That sounds like a solidly established teenager, doesn’t it?  And she is. This makes me the mother of a solidly established teenager, and also means that I was 15 a very long time ago. Many things have changed in the intervening years. […]

14 (Sigh)

My girl turned 14 today. I may be having a tiny bit of trouble getting my head around that. When she turned 10, I wrote this. When she turned 12, I wrote this. And now for 14, I am just speechless. I can only say: She’s awesome. She’s keeps turning more awesome. She’s a lot […]


My eldest child turns 12 today. 12. As in, TWELVE. This is clearly not a surprise…it’s been coming for, well, 12 years.  But still.  Wow. 12 sounds a lot older than 11 doesn’t it?  And don’t even get me started on 13.  I don’t know if I can let her do that. The biggest change […]

Let’s Make a Deal: Birthday Edition

Today we celebrated the first of a string of events to commemorate the birth of my son.  His birthday falls in the sweet spot of end-of-school, start-of-summer, spring-fever, good weather celebration season. His “big present” is a new bike. His friends gave him water guns and things to throw outside. He has his pick of […]