Jeg tror jeg vil være norsk

Translated: I think I’d like to be Norwegian. In Norwegian. My daughter came home this weekend for the first time since leaving for college. This was cause for celebration, of course. To magnify the celebratory nature of the visit it was her 18th birthday AND we had tickets to see Hamilton (!) in New York […]

Churches, Castles, and Freedom

This post is part of a series inspired by prompts from the book 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.  If you want to play along, write your own post (on your blog or other online forum) and post a link in the comments.  I’ll add “shout-outs” at the end of my post […]

Life v. Vacation

I just had the chance to spend 11 days in France with my family.  We drank wine and Coke Light (warmish).  We ate fresh bread, and cheese, and more cheese, and chocolate, and Nutella…and some weird spread made of cookies that was strangely delicious.  We walked, we (mostly kids) swam, we (mostly me) got horribly […]

Part Time Gotham-ite

I am a hardcore suburbanite.  I mean, as hardcore as suburbanites get.  So sort of a soft fuzzy non-confrontational core. I like lawns, drive-thrus, Target, and readily available parking.  Fresh air, clean streets, trees, and wide aisles in the stores. Many days I look very much like that poor woman over there – except with […]