Reason #756253 I Should Never Be Left Home Alone

I donated blood on Friday afternoon. My blood is apparently quite a hot commodity (O-) and every couple of months I start getting daily calls begging me to come and donate. I actually show up to do it about twice a year.  I have good veins (bragging) and it’s not a big deal to do […]

Dental Health Not Compatible with Mental Health

…for me anyway. My saga begins in October 2010.  My (now ex) husband had just informed me (for the 2nd…and not final) time that he wanted to leave.  Good times. I had dropped my kids off with my Mom and as I drove to my dentist appointment I was thinking about how very very tired […]

D.O.D. Saves the Day – A Girl Power Saga

I started to tell you the dripping shower saga a few weeks ago. Last weekend, I broke down and called in the big guns. No, not the plumber. My Dad. He brought tools and a plan. Gotta love a man with a plan.  And tools. His plan: Use a Dremel tool to grind a new […]

Falling off of the slippery slope…

I remember a time, long long ago, when I was so concerned with what I looked like that I would skip class if I was having a bad hair day. Once I refused to go to computer programming class because my friend and I were wearing the exact same sweatshirt and the idea of sitting […]

The One Thing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Have you heard? Santa is coming. Good old Santa, who can make anything happen.  Anything. Scads of parents across the globe are currently in the throes of panic as they attempt to find a way to make dreams of magic come true.  Ways to make sure that […]