Surrounded yet Alone

My kids are stunned when I try to explain media and communications of the 70s and 80s.  One newspaper came to the house. Television could only be watched live. There were 3 network stations, plus PBS and maybe 3 UHF stations. Ours were 17, 29 and 48. I don’t even know what their call letters […]

Eight is Not Great

I have never had a lot of trouble with the 0 years. Turning 10 was exciting. Turning 20 was anticlimactic since 21 was the year that would make me all the way into an adult. Turning 30 was not such a big deal. Turning 40 was only slightly more painful. There’s a lot of build […]

Keep Swimmin’

I am up late reading and I just read this passage and it felt like it belonged on a blog that’s about doing whatever comes next, even if you don’t know what that should be. You just have to keep going. And along the way, you find things to hold tight to. Hope. And good […]

Let it Go

I have a bit of an addiction to inspirational quotes. I like writing my own words, but finding just the right ones already put together into a big “a-ha” is also super fun. I have Pinterest boards full of them. It’s kind of interesting to look at them in chronological order and remember what my […]

The End

Important to know before you read (Mom, I’m looking at you): I know I said I wasn’t going to say what the prompts are – and I’m still not – but just know the assignment here is to PRETEND I am dying in a week.  I’m not.  I’m fine.  For realz. This fall, like many […]

I Want to Be a Unicorn

I sometimes get caught up in magical unicorn-type thinking. If I am stubborn enough and tough enough and apply enough effort, I can change the course of history. I can steer the future if I just try harder. Dig in my heels, batten down the hatches, engage all manner of cliches… But the truth is […]

The Truth

Oprah has a feature at the back of her magazine “What I Know for Sure.” Oprah is sure of many things, a side effect probably of being omnisciently powerful and insanely wealthy. I am neither of those things, and my stash of “What I Know for Sure” feels like it’s dwindling by the day. I kind […]

Lessons Learned

On the eve of my birthday (actually it’s next weekend, but look at me being all ahead of schedule) I thought it would be fun to enumerate a lesson I have learned for each of my years on this here planet.  I am old, so it’s kind of a long list. These are in no […]

Think, Wish, Hope

I am not a prayer. Not religious in any way, shape or form. I am massively respectful of those who are. If they use their powers for good, that is. If in the name of God, or Jesus, or whoever you believe is running the show, you are kind, generous, community-oriented, more at peace, more […]

Playing it Safe

I grew up in a DuPont family. For those who didn’t, that means nothing. But for those who did, the culture of safety is extremely familiar. Safety glasses are a common accessory. There is an awareness that every move you make has the potential for danger. I worked there for a few years and even […]