Name the Trees?

#18: Name the trees that stood in the neighborhood where you grew up Um…I honestly don’t understand this assignment.  Am I supposed to draw a diagram and point out where the maples were? (Were there maples?)  Or am I supposed to, like, name them?  Good old Bob, he was one heck of a tree. I […]

The Dog Days

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen I was wondering the other day about the origin of the saying “the dog days of summer.” Why on earth are the hottest days attributed to poor little creatures trapped in fur coats? It seems that they would prefer the dog days of autumn and would […]

The Inner Gardener

It’s Spring (almost).  The time of year when my inner suburban gardener always attempts to make an appearance. She is quite an enthusiastic one, that inner gardener.  And this year, I made the mistake of taking her to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Now she’s all fired up to plant gorgeous things and create an oasis […]