Remember This

That awkward moment when it’s 9:32 and you forgot about the whole “post every day” thing until just now… So you frantically search the idea book for something short and sweet. I’m not (quite) 53 – but I’m going to do a less fictional version of this. I remember the phone number I grew up […]

Criminal (Without) Intent

I have stolen things. Twice. Both times I had no intention of doing so. I have no criminal intent. I am a rule follower. I live in great fear of being in trouble. I am very hopeful that outing myself here isn’t going to have repercussions. Please don’t turn me in. I am fragile and […]

NaBloPoMo Kickoff

I saw a reference today to something called NaBloPoMo (short for National Blog Post Month, I believe) where there is a challenge to write on your blog every day for a month. Since that is something I’d like to try to do, I’m going to try to do it. Yay for effort! I found a […]

Can’t let go

The newest idea generator:     The prompt: What’s in your basement that you just can’t throw out. Down the stairs, to the left, against the wall, under the cardboard castle, and behind the golf clubs, resides the crib in which my babies rested their enormous heads and tiny bodies. For five years it kept one […]

Dear Me

January 29, 2005 Hey girl, It’s me. I mean it’s you – coming at you from 10 years in the future. Freaky, right? I just wanted to check in and let you know in a vague way with no clear spoiler alerts what the future holds for you, my dear. I know you think you […]

If You Believe

This time of year, when people know you have kids who aren’t of the littlest variety, the one question on the tip of every tongue is: “Does he/she still believe?” I’m not sure what the over/under is on the age at which “most” kids make the connection between all of those Amazon boxes arriving and […]


In two and a half short weeks my daughter will turn 15. Fifteen. That sounds like a solidly established teenager, doesn’t it?  And she is. This makes me the mother of a solidly established teenager, and also means that I was 15 a very long time ago. Many things have changed in the intervening years. […]


Quick update – I promised (you, but mostly myself) that I would write something once a week (and here we are), cook 2 times a week, and go to yoga. Well…this part is going well (hi!)  And I was in a cooking frenzy during week one – cookies, muffins, brownies, soup, and chicken.  This week […]

I don’t know where I’m going to live…

…don’t know if I’ll find a place.  I have to think about it some. This I do not wish to face.” – Matthew Sweet, Divine Intervention I love lyrics. When you listen to a song and somehow the lyrics mirror the exact situation that you are in it’s like some sort of Divine Intervention, indeed. […]

Name the Trees?

#18: Name the trees that stood in the neighborhood where you grew up Um…I honestly don’t understand this assignment.  Am I supposed to draw a diagram and point out where the maples were? (Were there maples?)  Or am I supposed to, like, name them?  Good old Bob, he was one heck of a tree. I […]