Day 46 (nope – 47) – ✂️

The clippers came to trim the dog today. She now has significantly less neck beard and super pointy feet.

Probably not a new career direction for any of us.

I tried to put Jack’s very large hair in a ponytail and he couldn’t deal with how much I was pulling his hair [I was totally not pulling his hair]. He’s developing his man-level tolerance for pain 😉.

He made his big college decision last night – he’s going to go to Northeastern in Boston for bioengineering (or some other kind of engineering – or something else entirely.) This was a tough call since he has never seen the campus and all of his “visits” were virtual. I think it’s going to be great for him, but it’s still a bit of a mystery.

We think it’s highly likely that he (and Amanda) will be attending classes at the Chester Springs campus in the fall. I’m not sure that loading thousands of kids into shared housing is on the docket for this year.

I have to say this campus has pretty good dorms and a well stocked dining hall. They are allowed to have a dog in the dorms and there is free parking.

We are going to start a cheese club. Every school seems to have a cheese club – we need to provide all of the amenities for our students!

It’s not the same at ALL as the whole “finding independence” thing they were hoping for. But this is the world in 2020.

Amanda is trying to convince me that I need a Nintendo Switch so I can join them in playing Animal Crossing. Apparently it is “my kind of game” [AKA – requires very little skill]

I do not need a Nintendo Switch. Although there is a pink one and it’s very cute.

Today I decided if mask wearing is our future we need some sort of plan for storing and accessing our growing mask collection. I feel like in a few months we are going to wear them like a jacket – pick the right one for our outfit and the weather.

Also I am tired of the heap of them on my kitchen island.

I ordered this little hook situation (from Target of course) so we each have a hook for our favorites.

I also ordered the kids some basic black masks and myself one with a unicorn on it – because that is how I’m rolling through the Quar.

Covered in glitter and unicorns.

Hope your day was filled with more good than bad.

Hang in there!

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