Day 22 – Staying at home, staying at home 🎶

My favorite thing on Instagram today.

Affirmation of the week:

 I see my life unfolding in the best possible way

I don’t – but I’m trying.

I woke up this morning and participated in a 30 minute virtual meditation class, which was a nice start to the day. I took a 4 week class with the same instructor back in the days when people ventured out into the world and this was a nice follow-up.

I’m going to do it in the mornings tomorrow and Thursday and try to squeeze in one of the daytime ones.

I sat on the floor in my living room in a sunny patch – trying to get my morning sun exposure, which is supposed to help with sleep and energy. I am an excellent sleeper, but not so good at the morning energy thing.

I was a little overly optimistic about how long I can sit on the floor in the sun. 30 minutes is about 15 minutes too many – ouch.

Most of the rest of the day was a normal workday, capped off with a meeting where there was a LOT of discussion about how my company is helping pharma companies with the fallout from this whole state of the world.

I kind of wanted them to talk about ANYTHING else. But I’m glad they are being helpful. Part of the company is apparently helping with vaccine trials so that’s good news.

I went for my daily sanity walk with my one IRL friend that I am still allowed to see. We try to walk 6-10 feet apart which seems to end up with her in the street. I am hogging the sidewalk :(

I was VERY relieved to find out that masks are not necessary for outside far apart walking.

Jack and I “attended” a virtual session at one of his potential college choices. They are doing a bunch of panels in place of an accepted student “day.” Luckily we did do a tour months ago so he has seen the campus. But it’s yet another thing that is weird and not quite the same sitting on the couch in your jammies.

After the college tour we made one of our Hello Fresh dinners – we’ve been doing these for quite some time but I am especially appreciative of food in full meal increments arriving at my house with no effort on my part. We had tilapia and green beans and rice. He cooked most of it and did a fabulous job.

I am quite fond of that kid.

The other one, too.

If I have to be trapped alone with 2 other people I’m glad it’s them.

Hope you have had an enjoyable day with your cellmates.

Hang in there!

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